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(November, 14th 2020) Today, Trump supporters are mounting a “Million MAGA March” on the nation’s capital, and militias are calling on armed members to stand by just outside of Washington DC to defend the President and await his orders to “stop the steal.”  In response, white men who reject Trump are telling our stories and inviting others to distance themselves from Trump and stand up for democracy by asking Trump to stand down.

Veteran Garett Reppenhagen is clear: “Donald Trump doesn’t exemplify those military values that I learned in basic training; my unit wouldn’t follow him across the parking lot… That guy’s never served anything but himself his entire life. I challenge him to speak with some of my veteran friends who fought with me in Iraq and Afghanistan and Kosovo… That  guy’s stripped all the pride and all the commitment of service that we had when we made the oath of enlistment”.

Michael Harrington, one of the campaign spokespeople from rural Kentucky, explains why he rejects Trump: “Donald Trump is one of those folks who looks down on us. It’s insulting. He’s just like every other billionaire and big corporate outsider. They come into our towns just to try and screw us over to make some money.  We’re tired of it. We aren’t going to take it anymore. It’s our birthright as mountain people to fight back. So that’s what we’re doing. That’s why we reject Trump.”

Over the last week, six spokespeople and a team of communications support volunteers have been working together to share our personal stories and to build a campaign website and social media content.  Late at night after work, as we’ve been developing the campaign, we’ve been talking about all the ways that white men are in pain in America.  As spokesperson Josh Schott in rural Montana says, “Donald Trump is tapping into our very real pain and anger, he’s using our pain against ourselves and against our neighbors and communities.  We need to choose a different path for what it means to be a white man. He’s not here for us: he’s here for the richest of folks, and Montanans are already pissed off about rich outsiders coming out and buying everything that they possibly can in Montana and ruining what makes Montana so special.”

Trump is refusing to concede, much of the GOP is still backing Trump’s efforts to interfere with the election, white male militias are activating in support of Trump, and the Trump campaign is pushing their lists hard to take action to contest the election. Exit polling shows that this election millions of white men left the Trump base, but we still comprise his strongest support, in both total numbers and as a percentage of the demographic. With this campaign, white men from communities across the country – rural Kentucky, urban Los Angeles, Northern New Mexico, etc. – are joining together to vocally reject Trump and all that he represents.  

White Men Reject Trump Action Team